Some of the best conversations take place on a road trip...especially at night. Life is a journey...a road trip to our rightful home...and these are some of my thoughts along the way.

Friday, April 28, 2006

He really does know me.

Yesterday was one of those days when you just need to know that someone out there truly does know you to the core. So let's get real for a moment. Last night I was having a conversation with my mother. We were talking about things taking place in the black church. Now...I would be naive to think that are society is unaware of the stereotypes attributed to the different I am not going to try and be politically correct. Anyway, I made the comment that I love being black. And she did not believe me. I was floored. She then said there was a time when she believed I did not want to be black. Her reasoning was because in college I started wearing flannel shirts. I was completely devestated. My father told me that I should cross the bridge and get over it. I told him that I expect a comment like that from someone who does not know me...but not from my mother. I know that I will get over it...right now those words just echo in my head. I have said before...being black is not something that I have to try and is something that I am. And I am very proud of that. But last night my little heart was so sad. I thought if my mother does not know me...(and that is what it really felt like) then who else is there. So I had to turn to some Truth before my overanalyzing mind kicked into full gear. And I read Ps. 139. Two things I just kept reading and saying in my mind over and over again. (much like Nelly and Tim McGraw...see if Nelly can sing with a country singer...why can't I like a little Rascal Flatts) Not only does my Father know me...but He has known me and He understands my thoughts. That is rich. Sometimes I take that for granted. But last night I grabbed onto that Truth. I am just me. The other day I reminded a friend to go to the Lord because His yoke is easy and His burden is light. This is a burden I have carried for a long time. I can actually remeber the first time it became a burden...But I am tired of carrying it. So now that I know a little more about the One who knows and understands me...maybe I can take Him at His word even more and get some freedom in this area of my life.


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