Some of the best conversations take place on a road trip...especially at night. Life is a journey...a road trip to our rightful home...and these are some of my thoughts along the way.

Monday, April 10, 2006


I have been watching this new reality show lately...Black and White. They take two families and they switch races. They try and find out what it is like to be the other race. It is a very interesting show and makes me ponder several things. I am always aware that I am black and I am always aware that I am a woman. Those two things are not going to change. I love being black!!! I enjoy learning about the rich heritage of African-Americans and the things that we as a people have endured. I love being a woman. What a gift. ( Not saying that being a man is not a gift!!!) I love feeling soft and feminine, yet possessing this strength that is full of grace and beauty. I enjoy learning about women in the Bible and the beautiful way that God has used women. Amazing. There is another part of my identity that I am just now starting to truly embrace. Ambassador of Christ. That is very much a part of who I am. Even though I have been told that I do not fully represent the stereotypes attributed to black people...being black is not something I have to try and is who I am. As much as I try...I can not become an Ambassador of is who I am. So what does that mean? I better know Who it is that I am representing. I have to know His character, His name, His love. I have to know Him.


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