Some of the best conversations take place on a road trip...especially at night. Life is a journey...a road trip to our rightful home...and these are some of my thoughts along the way.

Sunday, April 30, 2006


I am so glad that God offers Grace. I am thankful that He receives me. How can I possibly think that I can make it a single day without Him. He is simply sooooo good. He is always present...even when it seems like He is miles away. He holds my life in His hands. He knows me by name...and He calls my name. He doesn't hide or play games. He doesn't shut down or ignore me. He is never moody...but accepts me even when I am. He never lies...He only speaks Truth. He knows every single broken part of me...and He longs to heal it. He doesn't push me away but pulls me closer. He promises to never leave me. His songs are always sweet. Even when He must discipline me...He does so because of love. With Him I am never too emotional or too overwhelming. He listens...always. One of my favorite movies is First Knight. Mainly because of one scene. Sean Connery ( who is very attrative though he is 70 years old) is leading his new wife to the edge of this little cliff so he can show her all of the land that belongs to her. The reason why I love that scene is because I always imagine that when I see Jesus face to face...He will take me by my hand, tell me that He has been waiting for me, and then He will show me the place where I will spend forever with Him. People think I have this great big full of love. Wrong. Truly the only good thing in me is Jesus. I want to be like Mary of Bethany and pour everything at His feet. Disregarding everyone else around me. Simply because He is Jesus. Saying I need Him every hour is an understatement. The other day I was feeling a little blah...but I knew I could not give up. He has placed this hope so deep within me. Not necessarily a hope for one particular thing...but just hope. I thought about the beautiful hymn...O Love that Wilt Not Let Me Go. So true. I may never walk an aisle here on earth...but with everything that is within me...I know that I have been chosen to be His bride. And right now that is more than enough. Sometimes I just is not a dream...I really will get to see Him one day...face to face. What a day of rejoicing that will be.


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