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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Love in the Details

Last night I watched the Oprah's Legend's Ball. Now for those who know me well know my thoughts on Oprah. But based on the weekend that she provided for such legends as Coretta Scott King, Cicely Tyson, and Dr. Maya Angelo...I can definitely say that I tip my hat to her. During the program she was explaining what went into planning the grand weekend. And she made a comment...everything had to come together because love is in the details. At that moment I actually agreeded with something Oprah said. I started thinking about things or events that I have planned and how excited I get about putting all of the little details together. Even if the recipient is not aware...I still love the details. And then I started thinking about my life (Just like Mary J. Blige sings, "If you look at my life and see what I've seen") and how God has been so intricate with all of the details in my life. Of course some were easier to spot than others and many more I have probably yet to realize. And perhaps some I never will. But there is this overwhelming calm at times that reminds me that He is in control. And what He is planning is so grand that I can not even fully wrap my mind around it. Sometimes I have to remind myself that God is not only the beginning and the end...but everything in-between. Yesterday I was driving and attempting to give God a little advice on what I thought would be the perfect timing for something as well as the way it should take place. And then He said...where were you when I gave the stars their names. Yeah...I was quickly reminded that He does not need my counsel...He pretty much has it all under control. Even the details.


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