Some of the best conversations take place on a road trip...especially at night. Life is a journey...a road trip to our rightful home...and these are some of my thoughts along the way.

Monday, February 27, 2006


I talked to a sweet friend of mine over a month ago. I of course was going on and on before she really had a chance to speak. It was the day after I found out I was going to I was talking a mile a minute. When I finally finished she said that she had something to tell me. I could tell by her tone it was pretty important. And then I said..."Are you pregnant?" She was!!!! I started screaming like it was my job. She had to tell me to calm down because I was driving. The excitment that I felt for her was intense. I just kept saying over and over again..."There is life inside of you!" It gave me chills and I was literally shaking. It was such a sweet moment. When my sister told me she was pregnant with her second sweet nephew...I was so excited I actually went to the bathroom on myself. :) Just the thought of life being inside of someone is amazing. Later on that day ( after talking to my friend) I realized that there was also life...Life inside of me. What a gift. A precious gift. And then it also hit me...I have been entrusted with this Gift. As I think not only about Boston...but this life of Righteousness that I have been called, to I have to stop and think about what that really means. I have been entrusted with something precious and rare. And because I care about Jesus and His spirit that is alive in me...I want ( and pray to "want" to more) to see His purpose for me come to fruition. And I want the fruit to be sweet and the aroma to be pleasing. What does all of that mean? I don't know. What I do know is that the Lord is developing something inside of me. And though I have probably experienced every emotion the oddest times the Lord simply reminds me that He is near. Perhaps like a baby kicking inside of the mother's stomach. I am one of those ladies that loves to touch a pregnant belly. ( i think I just called myself a lady...) He reminds me that He has planted something deep within me...and at the right time...His time...I will see it. Whatever "it" is. And I will look at the situation and know that it was created by bring Glory to Himself...and I was the vessel that He chose to use. Wow. My sweet friend will experience a lot during the next 8-9 months. A lot. In my heart I believe that in my the Lord produces things that will have an eternal impact...I should not expect to go through anything less.

"He has made everything beautiful in His time. He has placed eternity in the hearts of man yet they can not fathom what God will do from beginning to end." - Ecc 3:11

Thursday, February 23, 2006

What if?

What if...

I did not lean on my own understanding - really did consider it pure joy - truly did seek His Kingdom first - loved my neighbor as myself - waited on the Lord - lifted my eyes to the hills - prayed without ceasing - blessed the Lord at all times - casted all of my cares on Him - remained in Him - Entered His courts with thanksgiving - rejoiced in the Lord always - Asked in His name - Thought on things above - dwelled in the shelter of the most High - Was anxious for nothing - meditated on His word day and night

What if I believed...

He really can do immeasurably more - He does know the plans He has for me - He will direct my path - He will hold me by my right hand - He is the Author and Perfector of my faith - He has me carved on the palm of His hand - He will complete what He starts - He will establish the works of His hands - Will make all things new - His love is better than life - His mercies were new every morning - He called me for a righteous purpose - Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world - He really does give me strength

Yesterday my 5 year old niece called me crying...begging me not to move to Boston. Are you kiddin me? And that one phone call sent my mind into a frenzy. I started doubting the move all over again. I was losing my mind. I went to Wal-Mart to put my mind at ease. I almost took a random road trip to a gas station 30m away just to get a frozen drink. But when I stopped...opened the Word of God...that peace came back. I heard the other day that peace is not the absence of conflict, but the acknowledgment of the presence of God. That is what my spirit needed. I had to go back and read His promises. And I was thirsty. I started thinking all of these "what ifs" If I did all of these "what ifs" I would not be perfect...but I would be less of me. And that is really a good thing. Sometimes I have to remind myself that my life is not my own. It is not about me satisfying my flesh...but feeding my spirit. And when I do that...there is a lot more "acknowledgement of the presence of God" in every situation.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Home Sweet Home

A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog about Boston. I think I mentioned that that moment...was not feeling very excited about moving to Boston. :) Well today I feel a lot better. Why? I had to refocus and change my perspective. As I thought about the task before me and all of the things that I do not know about planting a church...I became very discouraged. But as I started remembering the promises of God as well as the fact that He knows me...things in my mind started changing. I have to look at moving to Boston not as a "mission trip"or just another chapter in my life. If I go with that mentality, then I will not really consider Boston my home. But if I embrace that I am moving to will be my home...I will have a job with friends and a community...then I will share my life in such a natural way. I will not look at people as just a person that I could lead to Christ and then move on to the next person. But as I live and coexist with them, I will develop a love for them and as that happens I will desire that they know Jesus as their Savior. That is something the Lord has been teaching me since I have been at BBW. I love my co-workers. Some of them are as lost as can be...but they have invited me into their lives and I have been able to share the Truth with them. We share meals together, we encourage each other, we laugh together ( they think that I am extremely extroverted...bless) and I have been able to be there when some of them have cried. They ask me questions about my relationship with Jesus. I love it. I pray for them more than they know. So as I continue to prepare for Boston...I will think about the people that I will see on a daily basis, the community where I will hopefully live...and I think...ok, this will be my home. And that is ok. it is a little more than ok. ( I am listening to the Cosby Show and Cliff just told Claire that it is a priviledge for him to wake up next to her every morning....I think I can call it a day after that. :) I am moving to Boston. Wow.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Date with Billy

Well I just got finished with a date with a man named Billy...Blanks that is. (The Tae Bo guy.) And let me just was good. I am tired of the I had to resort to breaking out my Tae Bo tape. He really shows zero mercy. But that is ok!!! So I am working out...have on my work out gear...feeling the burn. Then I notice that Billy is covered in sweat. Now when I say he is covered in looks like he just stood underneath a waterfall. His shirt was soaked...sweat was dripping off of his face, arms, chin. And then I realize that I am wearing a long sleeve shirt, working extremely hard...and not a bead of sweat is on my face. I mean I am not even glowing. I have noticed this a lot lately. I can spend 45 min on the eliptical machine...and not just at that slow pitter patter pace...but I am moving like it is my job...and I just feel a little warm. And then it hit me...I am not hydrated. I don't drink soft drinks...maybe a diet coke here and there..but I really don't drink at all. I may have a cup of water while at work and something when I get home...and that is it. So of course I am not going to sweat. I do not have anything to sweat out. Not good!!! And then it hit me...if I don't fill myself with the Word of God...then it is not going to come out of me. How can I expect to encourage my spirit with Truth if the Truth is not in me. That was major for me. I need to have the Word of God hidden in my heart. How can I know the difference between a lie and the Truth if I am not constantly reading, memorizing, and meditating on the Truth. Wow. When I think about the calling I be an Ambassador for is imperative that I know the One that I am representing. Not something for me to take lightly. So I need to be in the Word more. For those of you who talk to me on a regular basis...ask me if I have been in the Word. Keep me accountable. Please. I also need to start drinking water. The next time I go out with Billy...I can not have him sweating alone.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Welcom...Masks Not Allowed

I recently discovered that there are people reading this blog who don't know me. I think what made me really nervous is that I do not know them. I started thinking about all of the things I have talked about in previous posts...Long John Silvers, Michelle Kwan, Cute and Chunky...O my goodness!!! But last night I was driving and I just thought...well that is a part of me. I can change everything that I write about to try and impress those who may be reading...or I can simply be me. So I chose the latter. Why? Because if I walk around with a mask on trying to be someone that I am not...I miss out on the Lord molding me more into who He says I am. He knows all about me. The good, the bad, the weird, the silly...and He loves me enough to not let me stay the way I am. So I have to take off the mask and let Him have His way.
So for all of you who may be reading that I do not know introduce yourself to me...I hope one day we get to sit face to face and have a cup of Chai...and just maybe I will take you to Chuck E. Cheese.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cosby Show Fun...Part 6 All about Rudy has been awhile since we have honored our favorite TV Family....The Huxtable Clan. But we ( I really do not know who this "we" is because it is just me. O well I digress.) have saved the best for last...Rudy. She was of course, the only Huxtable to make the 100 cutest TV kids list. Rudy was indeed cute...until Raven came along. Poor Rudy. But she did have moments where she stood out and we all said together..."Precious."
This is the last time to rack up make it count. :)

1. Rudy was selected in class to play a certain instrument...but there was another instrument that she really wanted to play. Name both of those instruments. the friend that had the instrument Rudy wanted.

2. Rudy was in a dance recital. What was her "role"?
Bonus...what was wrong with Claire in this episode?

3. During the "Real World" episode...what role did Rudy play and what was her name?

4. What is Rudy Huxtable's middle name?

5. Rudy and her friends went to a "night club" to see their favorite artist perform. What was the artist's name? What was he celebrating?
Bonus...Who were the three people sent to "spy" on Rudy?

6. How did Rudy and Stanley meet?

7. Why did Rudy steal money from Claire? was Kenny a part of the situation?

8. What happened in the episode when Rudy was dancing around the room to music?

9. How many slumber parties did Rudy have?

Triple Bonus
10. How many animals were under Rudy's care during the 8 seasons?

I will try to post winners tomorrow. :)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Lip Plumper!!

I really enjoy working for Bath and Body Works. When I applied for the job last year, I thought that my duties would consist of just holding bottles of lotion while smelling good. I was wrong. (Not about the smelling good part.) There is so much information that I have to know. People want to know what in the products, if they work well, how they compare to other products. On top of the knowledge, I sometimes have to climb ladders, shelves...all while balancing boxes of products. Today I tripped bigger than life trying to get to some candles. Bless!!! Well...we have a new product. An instant lip plumper by Dr. Wexler. (She has been on of course women want to buy it.) Although I am quite satisfied with my lips, I tried the plumper one day in the store. I looked like Angelina Jolie. We carry several products by Dr. Wexler. All of them are proven to reduce lines and wrinkles. Basically...making a woman look younger than she really is. A women came in the store today wanting to buy Dr. Wexler's products. She just turned 60 and she wanted to look younger. But she was beautiful. She had wrinkles around her eyes and mouth...which means she must have done a lot of laughing and smiling over the last 60yrs. I wanted to tell her that she did not need to purchase the products...that she should age gracefully. My grandmother had beautiful silver hair. I can still close my eyes and see it. My other grandmother had beautiful wrinkled hands. She worked hard all of her life and she had the wrinkles to show it. We have hair dyes, face lift-like products, age correction serums. We are telling women they should start using age-reducing products when they hit their 20's. What?!? Men feel insecure when they start to lose their hair. Why? Do we really have to get so caught up in trying to maintain an image. I can't wait til I get gray hair. I look forward to wrinkles. I do not want to look plastic or be full of articficial stuff. I know sometimes I dwell in my world of utopia...but that is ok. She really was quite beautiful. I just wish that she knew she had permission to be beautiful... just the way she is.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Freak Flag!!

Ok...I just saw the movie The Family Stone...LOVE IT!!! First of all I thoroughly enjoy going to the movies...especially when they hit the discount theater. And I completely relate to Sarah Jessica Parker's character. I will describe myself...and then you will have a better understanding of her character. I came to the conclusion tonight as I was driving home...that I am completely 100% a neurotic, unstable, emotional, random, sometimes flighty, no sense of direction, woman. Yeah...I really am. The preset stations on my radio include the following genres...comtemporary Christian, old school Christian, Soft Rock, R&B Classics, Country, and slighter harder than soft rock. My movie collection includes everything from Braveheart to The Wiz to Dead Poets Society. In my library I have such classic theologians as Tozer and Lewis, the great Piper, the always popular Beth Moore...and then you have Dr. Seuss and a collection of other great children's books. In my nightstand drawer you can find crayons, markers, and construction paper. In my stationary box I have stickers...I mean am I still in the 8th grade? I love the Disney Channel and ESPN. Whenever UofL basketball is on I am like a woman in labor yelling at the TV. I cry when I watch the Waltons or a Wedding Story. I get lost every other day in this city...and I was born here and should know my way around. When I have a lot on my mind...I go into "shut down" mode which freaks a lot of people out. Sometimes it freaks me out. And sometimes I get a little sad that I don't have "it" more together. That maybe if I did, cetain things would be different in my life. (interpret that as you see fit) But I came home tonight, after leaving the movies and going to Wal-Mart (which is a very therapeutic place to be after midnight) there was a letter waiting for me on my dresser from a dear, dear, dear friend. And my heart was soooo happy. Why? Because there are people who see all of my freak of natureness...and at the end of the day they are still there. It is those people who help me fly. We all have a little freak in us ( I apologize if that word offends anyone) so let's just take off the masks and say hey...I am a little wierd. Maybe I am the only one. That is ok. Then that means that I am just extra unique. :)

Thursday, February 09, 2006


I love to play in the water!!! I can tolerate the Ocean...but it is really the pool that I deeply enjoy. However...I do not know how to swim. Tonight I went to the YMCA to workout and I passed by the pool where they were having swim lessons. It made me think about the time I took swim lessons. Now...I only lasted one lesson. It wasn't because I was lazy that I quit...I was just so very scared of drowning. I was only in the 5th grade...old enough to handle the class...but not brave enough to follow through. Looking back now I realize that I really did not want to learn how to swim. Whenever I put my mind to something...and I believe in entire heart gets wrapped around the situation. But after only one lesson I was just too scared. Now my instructor was extremely kind...but I was just too scared of the possibility of drowning. Now though I still have a lot of fun in the pool...I have gone off diving boards, been to a water park, down water slides, jumped waves in the Ocean...I still wish I knew how to swim. I miss out on doing laps, racing with my friends, going in the deep end while playing Marco Polo. Whenever I go under water I have to hold my nose...which is really hard to do when you are trying to do a back flip. :) I love being in the water. It is soo relaxing. It makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger than myself. As I passed by the pool tonight I thought about my fear of drowning which was preventing me from learning to swim...and I thought about my relationship with Jesus. I love Jesus. O my goodness I love Him. And though I know He is calling me to a life completely and 100% sold out to Him...I get a little scared of what that means. What will I really have to give up? What desires will I be able to keep and see fulfilled and what desires do I have to let go of? How much longer can I be content with just being excited about being apart of something...Someone...bigger than myself. I see Godly men and women who live lives of obedience and surrender. Are they they know the Savior in a way that I desperately desire to know Him. They daily choose to walk that path that is it is narrow. I live in the world of analogies. I don't have to search and dig to try and put something together to make it "spiritual." It is a part of everyday life for me. Sometimes I want to turn my mind off. But I love it when He speaks to me. It is hard though because I then become accountable with what He has entrusted me with. (sorry for ending that sentence with a preposition) I got it in my mind that I want to lose weight and be I go to the gym...even when it is hard. I know in my heart and mind I am to move to I start making plans...even when it is hard. But the Savior of the World...the Oh so good Shepherd is extending His hand...desiring to take me into the depth of His presence...and I hesitate. I do not have an eloquent ending. I just needed to get all of that out. (sorry once again for the preposition.)

Cosby Show Fun...Part 5

Well I have decided to do two posts today. The contest will soon be over...but I wanted to take full advantage of our remaining days. Today I may be getting together with my dear friend Jason Sampler from in honor of good friends...this Cosby show post will be dedicated to friends of our lovable Huxtables.

1. Vanessa had a friend that had a special skill of doing something with great speed. What was the skill and who is the friend?

2. What is Theo's friend Cockroach's( the character) real name?
Bonus...what TV show did this character appear on for several years?

3. We all know and love "Bud" deeply...what was the name of the young man that loved Rudy just as much as "Bud"?
Bonus...what other TV show was this character on as a regular?
Double Bonus...what is the current status of this character?

4. Denise had a friend that was having medical problems. Cliff performed an exam. What was her medical problem?
Bonus...what movie did this young lady star in...that later became a TV show?

5. Theo had a friend in college that shares the name of a well-known restaurant. What is the name?
Bonus...what was the stolen item that this young man gave as a gift to his girlfriend?
Double Bonus...what was his girlfriend's "hobby"?

6. What appliance did Rudy and her friend Peter use without permission?

7. Vanessa's friend wanted to break a rule by doing what in Vanessa's house?
Bonus...what was the comment Rudy made to this friend?

8. Denise had a friend that was doing a Sociology project using the Huxtable clan as her frame of reference. Who was this famous actress?
Bonus...who did she later marry?

9. Who had a crush on Denise while she was in college? (if you get this correct you are my new hero?)

10. Cliff took Rudy and her friends on two "fieldtrips". Where did he take them?

Big Bonus...
Describe the mishaps of Theo's prom.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cosby Show Fun...part 4

You all are incredible!!!! I love it. Monday will be posted. Everyone who has played will be a winner...but there will be real prizes. :) How much fun am I having? LOTS!!!!

Let me give another little shout out to my place of employment. I get to meet all kinds of people and I love that. Yesterday a girl in her 20s walked in with her mom. I had on my beautiful black and white embroidered head wrap ( maybe I should work for QVC). They commented on how they liked it and wanted to know how I was able to tie it. I told them and then the young lady informed me that she was getting ready to lose all of her hair because soon she would be starting chemotherapy. I let her know that is why I started wearing headwraps a lot more. I told her how I was sick and all of my hair fell out...but I was able to try fun things to compensate. I left out the wig part. :) That made her smile. It was a good day!!

Sandra and Elvin....bless!!!

We all felt such a deep love for Elvin because he...well...he struggled at times. But he came an awful long way from the time he insulted Clair to the final episode.
(1st Bonus...tell me how Elvin insulted Clair...the first time.)

1. What sport was Theo participating in when Elvin skipped a concert to help him train?

2. What meal did Elvin cook to make up for insulting Clair?
Bonus...where was the family while Elvin was cooking?

3. What was Elvin's nickname for Sandra?

4. What is Sandra's real name?
Bonus...what is Elvin's last name?

5. What happened to Elvin when Sandra went into labor? the babies

6. What uniform does Clair find behind the door while visiting Sandra and Elvin in their "new" apartment?

7. Sandra is sick with....when she thinks Clair and her mother-in-law have stolen the babies?
Bonus...where do they take the babies?

8. What was the storyline of the first episode we meet Sandra?

9. What does Elvin try to open for Clair but is unable Sandra opens it?
Bonus...what is it that Cliff tells Elvin to do in situations like this?

10. Elvin was known for hyperventilating...during the process of buying a home...what causes him to hyperventilate?
Bonus...why did they have to postpone their move in date?

Big Bonus...Describe their proposal?

Nicole...of course I remember when Lisa married Lenny. You get an extra 100,000 points for that piece of information. :)

Contestants...extra information can earn you extra points.


Cosby Show Fun...Part 3!!!

Ok my loyal readers...I apologize for a no-show post yesterday. I unexpectedly worked a full day at the BBW so I was unable to write. But if I may for a moment digress and talk about BBW...yesterday I was working on some freight in the back so I had to take out some of the empty boxes. We have a huge dumpster in the back of the store that share with Old Navy, Lane Bryant, and Victoria Secret. I opened the door and a pipe had busted it seemed so there was water everywhere. Because it has been soooo cold here, the water turned into ice and it looked like a pond. I was sooooooo excited. So I decided to do a little figure skating. (Do not worry...this does not end in me going to the hospital.) It was sooo fun. You would have thought that I was a little child. I did not attempt a double axel...I will leave that to Michelle Kwan. But it was sooo fun adn I am sure that people in the entire summit plaza could here me laughing and "oohhing" with each glide across the ice. :)

Now for what you have been waiting for. Today we will honor the ever stylish Denise Huxtable aka Lisa Bonet. In certain circles we dare not mention her name for her reputation is not that favorable. But for those who are loyal fans of the Cosby Show...we must always support those Huxtable kids. As Theo once said...there is a lot of pressure being the child of Cliff and Clair. Densie brought many young men into the Hutaxble house. Let's test your knowledge on those she dated. I will give you the episode and you tell me what made her "date" stand out, her style, or his style.

1. Pilot episode...Cliff comes downstairs and meets Denise's boyfriend. As they are sitting on the couch...the boyfriend reveals his prevoius "occupation" as Cliff notices something special about his appearence. What was his previous occupation...and what was the something "special"?
Bonus...what comment did Cliff make before he met the young man.

2. (Season 1) Denise was keeping Cliff from meeting one of her boyfriends. In an effort to redeem himself...CLiff gets rid of Rudy and Vanessa and invites the young man over for dinnner.
What was the boyfriends name? What was unique about his sytle...that evening? What did he and Theo have in least from Theo's perspective?
Bonus...what Daytime TV Show is the boyfriend currently on?

3. Season 2. Cliff is trying to have a relaxing day at home but every room in the house is occupied. When he goes into the living room, Denise and her boyfriend are sitting on the couch. What genre of music are they listening to?
Bonus...what is the catchy phrase they keep repeating?

4. Epsiode 1, Season 2. It is the first day back to school. Theo has decided to remove the sleeves from his sweatshirt. What is Denise missing on this day?
Bonus...who is CLiff's first client for the day?

5. Season 7 or 8 Denise is now Mrs. Kendall. Martin's parents are coming over for dinner. Assuming that his parents do not like her...Martin "forces" Denise to wear an article of impress his mom...what is the article of clothing?
Bonus...Martin's mom is really a famous jazz you know who she is?

Again...answer even if someone else already has. I am running late and so I did not proofread this post. Deepest apologies from the author. :)

Monday, February 06, 2006

Cosby Show Fun...Part 2

Ok...due to the overwhelmingly positive response...I have decided to dedicate the week to the Cosby Show. Moment of silence....ok. At the end of the week I will post the results and the winners. Even if someone else replies...feel free to respond as well. There can be more than one winner.

Today our featured Huxtable will be Theo. As far as what Malcolm is doing now...we do not know. But we wish him all the best as he continues to further his career.

While Vanessa was known for delivering some sassy lines....Theo was known for always getting in trouble or grounded....or a stern talking to by Cliff. List at least 5 times this happened to Theo. Explain the episode or situation.

*For those of you who did not watch Cosby while growing up or you have not been able to see them in heart goes out to you. But it is not too late. Season 1 is currently on sale at your local Target, Best Buy , or Wal-mart. Season 2 will be available March 7th. Go buy it before it is too late. :) "Deeper" posts will return after this tribute to the Cosby Show. :)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cosby Show Fun!!

Ok...this post is dedicated to Tempest Bledsoe...aka...Vanessa Huxtable. Currently she is on the reality Tv show...Celebrity Fit Club. Love it!! honor of her desire to get rid of the "cute chunk"...we are going to have a little contest. I am going to list some of Vanessa's most memorable lines from different episodes of The Cosby Show. Your job is to identify the episode. If you can correctly name (describe) all of the will receive a prize from Bath and Body Works. So....let's begin. (Nicole, Erin, and not let me down. :)

1. "You mean to tell brought us out here in the cold and you don't have a key?"

2. "I always felt safe with him around."

3. "Robert...(Raaahhhbert)"

4. "And now Rudy may be blinded for life."

5. "They called me 'rich girl'"

6. "My man left woman left dog left me...and now all I can do is wine the

7. "Please do not eat that apple in my office."

8. "I love you Jeremy."

9. (singing) "Rules...rules are for fools."

10. (singing) "Everybody's doing a brand new dance now."

Bonus...."Now don't think I am complaining because I eat all of my vegtables and you don't buy me a thing."

Have fun!!!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Deep, rich love!!

I think some of the most romanitc couples are those who have been married for many, many years. I love to see people in their 60s, 70s and 80s holding hands. There is an unspoken language between two people that are brought together. Beautiful. The other morning we had to take my uncle to the emergency room. I spent a lot of time with my aunt that day...just holding her hand and being near her. As I was sitting there I just kept thinking..."that is her partner...her life mate." And that just resonanted within me for quite awhile. I asked her yesterday how they met. In high school!!! He saw her and knew he wanted to marry her. And so he pursued in good with her family by making them balloon animals. Precious. And now over 40 years later...that are still so connected. Even before he became sick...I always knew there was such a deep love...deep commitment between them. Marriage is such a sacred, sacred gift. I think that is why I get so passionate and excited when I talk about them. The Lord has brought me from a place of viewing "love" through the eyes of TV and realizing that it is something so much more than receiving flowers or that ooy gooey feeling.
But if Jesus says that He is the Bridegroom and we, the church are His bride...that is truly something to think about. The pursuit, romance, commitment, passion, and love is all there...but on a Holy scale. I want to know Him so intimately. When I see couples...whose relationships are grounded on the Word of God...and I see that deep, rich love they share...I know that my Savior deeply loves me. His love is amazing!!! (Even when I am being disciplined!!)